90s Fashion & Dressing Like Cher Horowitz

It's no secret that the 90s have made a huge comeback in fashion. The "I don't care" grunge look popularized several years back by Nirvana and company is everywhere you look. Especially on the streets of New York City, you simply can't walk a block without seeing faded flannels (either worn properly or tied around the waist), chunky combat boots, or jeans that look like they're going to fall apart at any given second. Brands like UNIF have embraced and capitalized on this trend, selling grungy pieces like destroyed tees with angsty phrases and a wide selection of ripped jeans. Most recently, they've come out with the Nevermind cardigan, clearly modeled after Kurt Cobain's favorite style of oversized sweaters and named after Nirvana's second album.  

I love the grunge style as much as the next girl, but what about the other side of 90s fashion? The time has come to talk about the 1995 cinematic masterpiece that is "Clueless." It's every 90s girl's dream to be Cher Horowitz, the teenage queen of Beverly Hills who writes with extra fluffy pens, gets the guy, and goes shopping for retail therapy at Dior. In the days prior to the birth of Instagram and #OOTD, Cher had polaroids taken of herself to make sure that her outfits were always perfect. If that's not pure dedication to fashion, then I don't know what is! Even though she's "a virgin who can't drive," there is no doubt that Cher's style is totally perfect.  If she wasn't a style icon back then, she certainly is now. Her influence has created a fashion phenomenon.  The current queen of rap, Iggy Azalea, is up for a VMA for video of the year for her "Clueless" inspired music video "Fancy," and Buzzfeed even has an article ranking 116 outfits from the original movie. It's safe to say that the fashion of "Clueless" has left its mark on pop culture and fashion, even 9 years after its release date.  

Glitters For Dinner is a brand that I have discovered that sells "Clueless" inspired clothing (amongst other cute goodies) that makes me want to trade in my grunge look for a day or two and go for the Cher Horowitz look. The new brand describes itself on its Instagram account as "quirky 90s inspired" and offers a wide array of 2 piece sets, separates, and dresses in the tartan print that Cher and her sidekick Dionne loved ever so much. From blazers and pleated skirts to button down shirts and shorts, GFD has got you covered. The pieces are begging to be worn with white thigh high stockings or knee high socks and platform shoes on a trip to the mall… or wherever else a girl needs to look fabulous. Now you and your best friend (or the new girl at school that you are making your project) can be as fashionable as the coolest girls in Beverly Hills in 1995. The only difference is that your cellphones will be a hell of a lot smaller than Cher and Dionne's.

All images courtesy of www.gfdstore.com

Top left: Cher Set
Top right: Dionne Set
Middle left: As If Set
Middle right: Halter & Skater Set
Bottom left: Wonderland Dress 
Bottom Right: Katie Set

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