Being Yourself & Treating Yourself

I have no idea where the time has gone, but this week is the last week of my (second!) summer internship at Victoria's Secret. A bad habit I have is being such an overachiever that I don't give myself much credit for the achievements that I have accomplished, because I'm always thinking of what's next. This summer though, I'm trying to give myself some more credit. This all hit me yesterday. Interns have to give a final presentation, and I was EXTREMELY nervous for mine. But, once I was in the swing of it, I was so comfortable and so proud of all the research and work that I had done. I worked really hard on this project for weeks, and I had an hour long presentation to show for it, and I got really great feedback. After that I felt so proud and accomplished. I felt like I had really done something great. So after work I treated myself to my favorite mimosa at a great Thai place with a fellow intern... And then treated myself to these Doc Martens that my sister has and I like to steal. Now I'll have my own and won't have to steal Alissa's. And speaking of Alissa, she and my bro-in-law got me this new tee that I am obsessed with. Because we all know I'm obsessed with Kurt Cobain and the concept of being yourself. 

Photos by It's Miss Alissa

 H&M Kurt Cobain Quote Tee - similar here 
Etsy Rainbow Tattoo Choker - similar here 
Etsy Black Tattoo Choker - similar here 
Henri Bendel Stacked Ring - similar here


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