Holy Grail of Boyfriend Jeans

The other day, I went on a hunt for some more boyfriend jeans, since I wear my same ones from Victoria's Secret basically everyday. I tried on a few at some different stores, but they were either too expensive or ill fitting. I stopped in Urban Outfitters and obviously scoped the sale section. A crazy pair of Urban Renewal jeans caught my attention - a distressed and destroyed mom jean-boyfriend jean hybrid. When I took them up to the register, the cashier was like, "OH! These have been reduced even more to $9.99!" ISN'T THAT THE BEST FEELING?! 

Anyway, these jeans are the perfect bagginess and they fall at the perfect spot on my belly for wearing a bralette but not showing off my entire stomach. I love how 90s bralettes and highwaisted jeans look. So Kelly Kapowski. Now, where's Zack Morris? 

Photos by It's Miss Alissa

H&M Leather Jacket -similar here 
 Ovoloo Bralette - similar here
 Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Jeans - similar here 
H&M braided belt - similar here


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