I went on vacation to South Jersey over Labor Day weekend, and it made me realize how New York I am.  Everyone was walking slow- no one was in a hurry.  It took so long to get a coffee… and when we got our orders, it just wasn't the same.  Not to mention, there were only a couple places to get coffee, way spaced out from each other.  Now I understand how important it is to have a Starbucks or Dunkin on every block here in the city.  Also, there was a severe lack of exciting hair colors/styles.  

I styled this perfect SEVENXBRAY mens tee with the top half of my Black Milk Suspender Leggings and fishnet thigh highs - probably something that would make the parents of kids on the boardwalk in Jersey shield their eyes.

Don't get me wrong, I love vacationing to the beach, but I think NY is where I belong.


Black Milk Suspender Leggings
Sofia Vergara Fishnet Thigh Highs
Henri Bendel Stacked Ring - similar here
Jane's Tiny Things  Donut Midi Ring 
Nike Sky Hi Dunk Wedge Sneakers - similar here


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