Overalls & Fishnet Sleeves

The problem (or not a problem... whichever way you look at things) with overalls or jeans with suspenders is that its almost impossible to NOT look cutesy. Looking cutesy is fun and good, but what if you want to look more edgy than childish? The key is pairing them with dark colors with unique details, like my black top that has fishnet looking sleeves. Also, wearing a dressier, more mature shoe, like a pointed toe boot, will make your look more grown-up. To finish it off, I added a beanie, choker and a couple of necklaces, including a beautiful peach quartz crystal necklace from Sweet Mayhem.  I absolutely love the finished ensemble.  What about you?!

Machine Jeans Suspender Jeans/ Overalls
H&M Leather Jacket - Similar Here
Victoria's Secret Long Sleeve Mesh Sleeve Tee - Similar Here
Sweet Mayhem Peach Quartz Necklace


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