Where The F Art Thou

Ahh... Shakespeare. Romeo & Juliet was one of the only pieces I actually enjoyed reading in my high school English class. That's not to say I totally understood it at first. It took a lot of line-by-line interpretation of the play from my teacher and then watching two film adaptations to really get it. Then, I thought it was pretty cool. My whole class was also obsessed with the scene in the 1968 film where we were blessed with seeing Romeo's butt. I'm pretty sure my teacher let us rewind it and rewatch.

Obviously, it's arguably the most famous love story of all time. We are all looking for our Romeo, but in this day and age, it seems pretty impossible. Basically, we're all asking, "Romeo, where the f#$% art thou!?" 

Photos by It's Miss Alissa

Jawbreaking Romeo Tee
American Apparel Velvet Skater Skirt
Dr Marten Britain Boots


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  1. Loveee your britain boots and those tees! Perfect <3