Tomboy Style

It's fun to go back and look at old pictures and see how your personal style evolves. I used to be all about skin tight everything (and cleavage), but now I'm really into oversized looks and dressing like a dude sometimes. As you all know, I'm a huge fan of my flannels. For this look, to keep warm, I wore my flannel in a different way, under my chunky sweater with the collar, sleeves, and bottom poking out. It gives the piece a whole new look! I also loved pairing the tops with my favorite boyfriend jeans and Docs (duh) for an overall casual, tomboy look. Yay for baggy clothes and layering!
 Photos by It's Miss Alissa

Urban Outfitters Sweater - Similar Here
Thrifted Flannel - Similar Here
Victoria's Secret Boyfriend Jeans
Floral Doc Martens - Similar Here
Handmade by Grandma beanie - Similar Here


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