I may have graduated college, but I'm still learning. No, I'm not taking tests or writing papers (only articles for Chaos Mag and posts for on here) but I've been studying up on a bunch of things. Like, I'm trying to control my caffeine intake, learn how to play the piano, and develop a more "whatever" attitude... in a good way. You see, I'm big on catastrophizing. That's a big fancy word for making things out to be far worse than they are. I'd say it's my biggest character flaw, but I'm trying to develop this "whatever" attitude towards obstacles that come my way instead of letting them ruin my day. Charger broken? Enjoy the scenery instead of worrying if I'm going to die and not have a charged iPhone. Missed my train? Don't worry, relax for a little while and then get a great seat on the next one. Snow storm when I'm supposed to have a photo shoot? Whatever. Go out and do it anyway. 

Photos by It's Miss Alissa

Seven X Bray NYC Token Tee 
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  1. I agreee about having a whatever attitude in a good way. It's such a relief. Also, great photos, cool outfit, and I checked out Chaos Mag just now. Seems great, too ~