Woman Crush Wednesday: Christina

Christina Buscarino, AKA That Denim Purse, is a blogger with a brave soul. She's taken the plunge for not only just cutting off her long locks, but also for dying it multiple cotton candy pastel shades. Now she's back to an extra dark chocolate brown, and still manages to look just as cool. Also, she took the risk of leaving her first college, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and moved to New York City to attend FIT in pursuits of a career in fashion. Christina's got a chic, minimalistic style, and a talent for making turtlenecks look cool. 

Since moving to NYC, she's continued to work on her blog, scored a job at Topshop, is a stylist for FIT's Blush Magazine, and was interviewed by E! News during NYFW at Lincoln Center. Keep up with her blog and follow her on Instagram (@christinabusco) for more. Check out my interview with Christina after the photos.
Photos courtesy of @christinabusco on Instagram 

My style icons are: Lately I have been very into Danielle Guizio’s style I think I can relate to it a lot. Her style is kinda edgy but very put together and good for everyday. I always go to her instagram (@danielleguizio) for inspiration. 

 My go-to shoes are: Converse! I don’t care what I’m wearing I think they go with everything. They have been my go to shoes for years.

My ultimate winter wish-list item is: Patent leather boots!! Which I actually just bought on sale from Acne Studios.

 My Favorite place to shop: Topshop, I always want absolutely everything in that store

 I feel best when I am wearing: Turtleneck, black jeans, black boots. This is my perfect for anything outfit that I wear almost everyday in the winter, makes me feel put together even if I got out of bed and ready for the day in 2 minutes. 

 What I've been listening to: One Direction’s album FOUR has been on repeat for a long time now.

  A fun fact about me that makes me even more awesome is: I’m a very open person and don’t care what I say to strangers. Also you can tell me anything, I promise I won’t be weirded out.

 If I could be anything in the world I would be a: A world traveler, there are just so many places I admire and I never want to live in one place to long, I want to see and experience the whole world.


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