4 Ways to Wear Lush Hair Extensions

Since I've been bleaching and dying my hair since the age of 15, it's pretty damaged and super thin, especially towards the ends. I'm super envious of girls who have naturally long, thick Rapunzel hair... but now I can fake it. These 22 inch deluxe human hair extensions from Lush Hair Extensions have completely changed my appearance and boosted my confidence. Since they are made of human hair, I was able to dye them to perfectly match my hair color! You really can't tell they're extensions. People I know have been like, "Wait, how did your hair get so long so fast?!" Unfortunately, I'm not a super human and my hair did NOT get that long that fast. Fortunately, there are extensions that do the trick. Here, I'll show you four ways I style my extensions... and how you can too!

 1. Pin Straight Princess: Straighten your hair with a flatiron and part it right down the middle. Use some dry shampoo at the roots to add a little bit of volume. Brush through to blend your hair with the extensions. 

 2. Cooler Than Elsa's Braid: Side part your hair, pull all hair to one side, and start loosely fishtail braiding. Let some pieces fall out, and keep out any shorter layers in your hair. Learn how to fishtail braid here.

 3. Mermaid Bedhead: Section your hair off. Taking approximately one inch sections and starting below your ears, take a flat iron and twist pieces. Keep it messy. If you want to be like Princess Ariel, part your hair to the side and pin your layers into faux side bangs.

 4. Bombshell Waves: Separate your hair into one inch sections and twist them. Then, using a one inch (or so) curling wand, wrap the twisted hair around, with the wand pointed upwards. Start curling below your ears.

Photos by Alexis Conti
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