Wicked Witch of Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park on a day that feels like Spring. She walks with confidence, feeling the fresh air and hearing the sounds of cars and buses and jumbled conversations. Surrounded by hundreds, thousands of people, yet she is alone. She wears a long black dress that hugs every curve and a black floppy hat. Everyone looks, and everyone knows that she's a force to be reckoned with. She looks into crystal balls, trying to see the future, but all she can see is the beauty and art that lie within them. (Witches aren't psychic, after all). With every step she takes in her platform boots, the ground beneath her surrenders to her touch. She lifts her arms up and out, summoning the wind and the sunshine and all things that feel nice. Don't mess with her though; she can summon bad things, too.


 Photos by Wes Tarca 

AMI Clubwear Platform Booties 
UNIF Dame Choker 


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