Video Games

Ever since I was little, I've been in love with video games. Not the kind where you fight and kill people, but the kind where you smash blocks, get coins, and try to rescue the princess. Some of my fondest memories are simple ones: playing variations of Mario with my family and friends. When I discovered Soulbound NYC Jewelry, I was beyond excited and felt like I had just leveled up! Jewelry designer Kelly is a lifelong gamer herself, and she creates the cutest video game inspired pendants, alone with a bunch of other super pretty bling. They're perfect conversation starters and a great way to spice up a simple outfit, like I did here!

 photo DSC_0167_zpsysi0zkp4.jpg  photo DSC_0165_zpstemz9ouq.jpg  photo DSC_0162_zpsyid2gw3c.jpg  photo DSC_0171_zpsdgqwzcrz.jpg  photo DSC_0172_zpslijf9psj.jpg  photo DSC_0181_zpsuynuzsls.jpg  photo DSC_0185_zps8mdsccre.jpg  photo DSC_0191_zpserwtxi1q.jpg photo DSC_0197_zpsal3s8yy9.jpg  photo DSC_0199_zpsvm2y81wp.jpg  photo DSC_0200_zpsikuzy1i6.jpg  photo DSC_0207_zpsg8jqdosz.jpg  photo DSC_0211_zpsnsbjktms.jpg  photo DSC_0215_zpscqjtff0b.jpg  photo DSC_0217_zpsjxv7sl1a.jpg  photo DSC_0218_zpssey2o20n.jpg  photo DSC_0224_zpsy0wm9fov.jpg

Photos by It's Miss Alissa

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