The main point of this post is to debut my NEW HAIR! I'm going through a major change in life, and with that, comes hair change. At least that's my way of thinking. Every time I've dyed my hair a new color, I sort of become a new person. (Read this for more on that phenomenon and the story of my hair journey). I haven't seen my natural color in about a decade, and that's nothing that I'm ashamed of. Life changes. Hair changes. Sometimes the color of hair that we are born with doesn't suit our personality or our style. Despite the fact that I'm part Italian and genetics made me a brunette, I'm pretty sure that I was born to be a fiery redhead. I have a bad case of hair ADD. I simply cannot keep my hair the same style or color for too long. I go crazy. That's how I ended up cutting off like four inches of my hair the other day. Hair boredom/acting on impulse.

Anyway, Emmy at FS Charlie Salon in TriBeCa hooked me up!!! The salon was super cute and Emmy is a sweetheart. To get this color, she had to strip my previous dark red color out with bleach, then do the color, and then she did some orange manic panic on top of that to make the color extra vibrant. She's a color queen! It was a lengthy process, but the salon was playing rock 'n' roll and Emmy is cool so it was no big deal at all! I highly reccomend  hitting her up for hair coloring/cuts if you live in or around NYC.

I'm having so much fun with this hair color already. I can't wait to see where orange hair takes me.

Photos by Ashley Naftaly
Hair by Emmy Cat

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  1. I love your kimono so much!
    Your new hair colour is so beautiful! You look so pretty, but I think I prefer you with a darker colour > <