In Bed With Sokoloff Lingerie

When I was planning this shoot with my friend Christina, I was like, “We gotta make this seem not slutty, ya know? Let’s add in some ice cream and frilly socks to make it cute and more appropriate.” In retrospect, I’m thinking, “Wow. It’s sad that we are programmed to think that way because society has told us that showing skin is BAD.”

I’m confident in my body. I’ve been blessed with good genes, and I am naturally thin. I don’t have a huge booty or giant boobs, but I’m okay with that. Sometimes, I feel like we have to look in the mirror and just appreciate ourselves the way we are. I know that’s so hard. Trust me, I know. I used to HATE how I look. I still have bad days where I will pick apart pieces of myself that I wish were different, but for the most part, I love my body.

We, as women, are expected to be ladylike and proper. Don’t show too much skin on the Internet, because that would make us SLUTS. Hold on, though. How can posting a photo where I am showcasing my body that I’m proud of make me a slut? I’m not kissing anyone or having sex with anyone or even flirting with anyone. I’m showing off beautiful lingerie, and in the process, showing off my body.

I wouldn’t exactly say I’m completely on board with the whole #FREETHENIPPLE thing, but this stigma around women posting photos in their underwear has GOT to stop. As hard as it is sometimes, we should love our bodies and promote body positivity. When we see someone flaunting their stuff and looking awesome, we should commend them, not condemn them. It’s 2015, people. Women have beautiful bodies. If you love your body and are comfortable in your underwear, what is wrong with posting a photo of it? Are we really hurting anyone here?  


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  1. You're really beautiful and have a nice body!
    Like these photos so much!

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