Since I've been dying my hair for about 7 years now, it's certainly not in the best condition. I yearn for Rapunzel locks, and am so jealous of anyone who has naturally long hair. Luckily, Lush Hair Extensions make luscious clip ins that are way softer than my natural hair would ever be! They are 100% Remy human hair and irresistible to touch. The one challenge you face with extensions, though, is finding a match to your color. Sometimes, this is extra hard because a match doesn't exist. So, you have to make one yourself!

I started out with light blonde extensions, since my orange hair color is applied to my hair when it is bleached blonde. I get my color done ay Arrojo in SoHo by an amazing colorist Ali, so I knew that dying the extensions myself was going to be a challenge, but I was up for it. Here's what I did:

1. Lay out a large plastic garbage bag on my bathroom floor. You KNOW this is gonna get messy! Lay out all of the pieces neatly and spaced apart.

2. Mix your dye! Chances are, you're going to need two boxes of dye to cover the massive amount of beautiful hair you're going to color. My set was the deluxe double wefted 24 inch, so two boxes were certainly necessary. 

3. Apply your dye! Put on your gloves first and foremost. Use a dye brush (that definitely won't be included in your boxed dye…so buy one from a beauty supply store) to coat the extensions. After they're pretty covered, get to it with your hands, massaging the dye into the hair and making sure that no spot is left uncovered. Be sure to also get all up under the clips, because sometimes those parts are hard to miss. (If you're wondering what dye I used, it was L'oreal Vibrant Copper).

4. Neatly pile the extensions together, as if you were making them into a bun. Leave the pile on the garbage bag, and then place another plastic bag over it. This is the same idea as putting your hair up in a bun and putting on a plastic cap if you're dying your own hair.

5. Wait! Wait the full time that the box tells you to. I know it's soOooo tempting to just wash it out earlier and look because you just can't wait, but you'll be mad at yourself if you do. At the same time, you also want to keep an eye on the extensions to make sure nothing too weird is happening.

6. Rinse! I suggest doing this in a bathtub. Rinse each piece until the water runs clear. This is going to take a WHILE. Patience is key again here, because if you leave dye in the extensions, they can stain your clothes. I rinsed all my pieces a million times and then put them in a ponytail and rinsed it all together. Then, ring out the ponytail to get extra water out. (Extra POSSIBLE step: my dye came out way brighter than expected, so I washed them about 3 times with color safe shampoo to fade it just so until I felt it was a good match for my actual hair.)

7. Condition! I used up all the conditioner from the two box dyes plus more from a regular color safe conditioner I had lying around. I let the conditioner sit for about 5 minutes and then rinsed very thoroughly.

8. Let them dry! I hung my extensions to dry over a towel rack with some newspaper underneath incase there were any drips with color. I let them air dry because I just put them through so much dying them, but you can carefully blow dry them as well.

9. ROCK YOUR NEW HAIR! Feel like Rapunzel. Feel like a mermaid. Feel like a unicorn! 

Any questions? Ask away in the comments!

Photos by Tory Rust taken in a Breather. Use code FASHIONUNICORN for a free hour of Breather space.

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