I have a confession. This yellow hair was unintentional. I was aiming for bright orange, and then this happened. All of my hair changes in the past (there have been a lot) had been premeditated. I kept looking in the mirror wondering what the hell I'd done. Had I lost my mind? What is everybody at work going to think? When will my parents stop asking me how long I’m going to have yellow hair for?

A few hours and about 100 (or like, 150, let's be real) selfies later, I started feeling it. I snapped out of that weird funk, reminding the unfamiliar reflection in the mirror that I didn’t need approval from others. Boss ass bitches can do whatever they want with their appearance. Go ahead and tell me my hair looks like yellow American cheese. I’ll take it as a compliment.

Anyway after contemplating life and hair (as I often do)  I realized this yellow hair has made me more ~unicorn~ than I already imagine myself to be. I started this blog 4 years ago and associated it with the mystical unicorn to create who I always wanted to be.
So this unicorn shirt from Rad was perfect for my first shoot with the new locks. Rad has been one of my favorite e-comm destinations for a while, since I'm obsessed with cute/witty tees. This one's extra soft, relaxed fit, and embroidered! Of course, I paired it with a punk rock mini skirt and platform boots, stomping around the streets like the unicorn boss I should be (God, I'm embarrassing). ANNNND you guys can get 20% off your purchase at Rad with promo code FASHIONUNICORN20

Photos by Chris Krieb Rad / I Believe In Fairies Unicorn Tee
Forever 21 Plaid Skirt (Similar Here) AMI Clubwear Platform Boots