Unicorns & Magazines

Today was SO nice out! I finally got the chance to wear a dress without tights or thigh highs without freezing my butt off! I woke up in time to get breakfast from the caf, go to the American Apparel warehouse sale, and get sushi before class. Then I caught a train home, where I was greeted with much love by my beautiful chihuahuas...by many March magazines waiting on my bed.  2 down so far, Glamour & Seventeen!

What I wore: Vintage Unicorn sweater over random black dress with Jeffrey Campbell Tardy's. 

March Madness ;)

Also... that awkward/sad moment when I come home and the only beverage in stock is Diet Coke (in multiple varieties) and I gave up Diet Coke for lent.  My mouth is watering just thinking about diet coke.  38 more days to go! 


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