Hanging Out With the Most Stylish New Yorker!

So, I've got a new job with the fabulous ROSEMARY PONZO! (Celebrity stylist, costume designer, Make-up artist, and more).  She is so awesome, has 20x more energy than I have, is hilarious, and gives sweet swag bags.  Take a look at how cute this lady is. 

So I've been helping her out with her social media stuff, and yesterday I got to help her out getting costumes for an off Broadway show.  We had to go shopping for looks based on the period the show was set in: the 20's! Pearls and frillies for the girls and striped shirts with bowties and suspenders for the guys.  Adorable!

Check her out...
rosemaryponzo.com // twitter.com/rosemaryponzo // rosesstyle.tumblr.com

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