We may or may not be as bad ass as we look

Me and the cool and fabulous Miranda of ( http://letsgetflashy.blogspot.com/ ) had a LOVELY day yesterday catching up over beautiful clothes, shoes, accessories, and PINK BERRY. We went to this SICK gothic store on 4th ave which was sooo awesome.  I've been obsessing over the gothic style lately, and me and Miranda were drooooooling over their crazy platform creepers, stripper shoes, and THE JEWELRY.  I got something that has been on my wishlist for a while- a spiked collar necklace!! 

Bad-ass, right?
 Then we came across this awesome chair...obviously a photo op.
BTW, I am wearing Doc Martens, KMART fishnets, F21 dress, & H&M leather jacket
Miranda is wearing a thrifted authentic motorcycle jacket, hand made upsidedown cross tee, DIY painted jeans, and Urban Outfitters sandals.

 Then, off to David Z, one of my fave shoe stores for sure.  We spent like an hour in there, literally.  Just sooooo many pretty shoes!
 Then we went to ST MARKS .... lovelovelovelove. In Trash&Vaudeville I got platform shoes that you guys will be seeing shortly.  And then we tried on stuff from our new favorite clothes brand, UNIF. We couldn't spend ALL our money so we had to restrain ourselves from buying these beauties.
I came home at night to my side of my dorm extremely TPed.  When I say extremely.... I mean it. This is only one view.  Props to Eve, dorm prank winner.
Then fell asleep to this view.  Ahhh.


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