Being Pretty & Reckless

So last night I saw my favoriteeeeee band, with my FAVORITEEEE lead singer, Taylor Momsen.  I don't even have to say any more.  

Deena, Mella, and I all dressed in the style of Momsen.  I'm wearing spike necklace from gothic store, forever 21 shirt, Victoria's Secret bra (HAHA), Hollister shorts, Thigh Highs, and hidden Platform Mary Janes. Notice the fake Momsen in the background.

It was my fourth time  seeing TPR live, and they killed it as always.  Seriously, if you guys haven't given their music a it now. She looked SO sexy in a black leather-y dress and her trademark stripper heels.  UNF.  And the long flowing mermaid hair? OMG. Too bad my phone and the lighting of the venue don't really cooperate.  

After the show while we waited for the meet & greet, the cute bassist of the opening band, Hollywood Kills, came out to the back.  And this happened ;)

 Then, here is our super awkward meet and greet picture.... we weren't allowed to go behind the table, or touch Taylor...but SHE initiated a high five with me.  And she remembered who I was.  SWOOOOOONNNNNNN! She is SUCH a sweetie <3
 Annnnd my outfit today.... "I MET THE PRETTY RECKLESS" shirt that we got with our ticket, material girl shorts, thigh highs scrunched down, and hello kitty vans. 


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