Dress me, I'm your mannequin

Time to show you guys pictures from all the shoots I've been doing! Obviously, my two biggest passions are fashion and modeling.  I've been doing tons of test shoots in the past month of so to keep on getting myself out there and building up my portfolio.  Not only do I love doing shoots because of the modeling.  I also love styling the shoots.  Most of the time, the photographer tells me a specific look or style that they're going for, and then I get to go through my diverse closet and pull clothes that I think will work.  So here are some of my faves:

Photo by: Jessica Cristine
Jessica's TopShop leotard, my Forever 21 Necklace,  Material Girl shorts, and ZenniOptical sunglasses

Photo by Keith Straw, Make-up by the amazing Stephanie Dell'Aira
Steph's Headband and earrings, my Forever 21 necklace, dress, and slip.

 Photo by Mary Garvin of Heritage Photo
Pink extensions I made, Forever 21 dress (umm..there's a pattern here) and LSD spiked bracelet, grandma's socks, Doc Marten boots

Photo by Morgan Maloney 
My plain white tee, Morgan's scarf that I turned into a turban, arrow necklace, and Pac Sun maxi-skirt.

 Photo by Cody Lidtke
My (kids) American Apparel Leotard, Roommate's big comfy flannel shirt

 Photo by Alexis Bynum
My H&M leather jacket, (hidden) Material Girl shorts, Betsey Johnson socks, DIY spiked Doc Martens, Forver 21 2 finger ring.

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