They say if you keep something for long enough....

They say if you keep something for long enough it will come back in style.  "They" are right.  Magazines, runway shows, blogs, and etc. are telling me to wear flared jeans.  BLEGH!!! I tried on my 8th grade "tilt" pac sun jeans today that I kept for God-knows-why and they fit (yay) and looked kind of cute.  So whatever.  Flared jeans it is.  Am I throwing out my skinnies, though? HELL NO!  Also, this shirt is from when I was LITERALLY 5 years old...but Ariel never goes out of style, at least in my book. 
 Oh, and me and my bro made POKEMON EASTER EGGS TODAY.  Who's jealous?
2 hours until Easter...meaning lent is over and I am going to resume drinking Diet Coke like it's my job.  YOLO! (Yup, I said it.  Get over it.)

I watch this youtube video 5 times a week, and it's relevant with today's post, so enjoy and happy Easter eve!


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