Things I Learned Freshman Year

Seriously... where the HECK does time go?! I honestly feel like last week I was at Pratt, and just yesterday I was moving into FIT.  It has been a stressful, yet fun and enlightening year.  So, here is what I learned at my first year of college, between two different schools (other than the academics... heheh).

1. Your dorm will never look as nice as it does on move-in day.

2. 1st day of orientation outfit is crucial.

3. If you put a white board up on your door... people will write strange things on it. (We never found out who did this)

4. Caffeine .... we need it.

5. It is in fact possible to stay BFFs  with your BFFs that are still in High School!

6. When you think you are going to get mugged/killed/raped in sketchy part of Brooklyn, a minister/cab driver will save your life.  

7.  College field trips are MUCH greater than high school field trips.  On a field trip to a costume studio, I got to try on NAIMO CAMPBELL'S VS ANGEL WINGS. I almost cried. 

8. Second time's the charm! (First time I applied to FIT I didn't get in.  But if at first you don't succeed, try again!) And yes... I'm wearing a towel. I found out while I was showering.

9. It's easy to get lonely without your own puppies at school with you.  Trips to the local puppy store can temporarily help! :)

10. One man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure! Starbucks was throwing this sign out, and it became the perfect new decoration for my dorm!

11. You CAN get along super well with your roommate!! (or in my case, roommates!)
 My Pratt roomie, Emily
 My FIT roomie, Eve!
12. NYC is the best place for spontaneous adventures.  Walk around and find somewhere exciting to go in minutes! (Yup, Empire State Building in background!)

13. Going away doesn't mean losing your family.

13. NYC is also the best place to be with friends new and old ^___^
(I would put pictures but it would hog up way too much room.  You guys know who you are! <3 )