Shopping and Exploring: Two of My Favorite Things

The best part of New York is that you can just wander around with no clue where you're going and be sure to stumble upon something incredible. For example, this morning I took the subway in no rush (for once in my life) and walked the opposite direction I usually go. I found a strip that had awesome street vendors, an AMAZING thrift shop, a store that sold Jeffrey Cambells, and a Macy's. In BROOKLYN. Who knew!? Not all who wander are lost, indeed. 

Here's what I wore. London tee my friend Christina got me when she took a London holiday, DIY cut offs with studded pocket, Trash&Vaudeville platform shoes, vintage ruby ring, and Anaconda skin spike ring from street vendor. 
 Where is this amazing vendor? I'll never tell ;)

 And then I stopped by Emily Skeletal's new apartment, aka Skeletal Sanctuary, for some cleaning, decorating, shenanigans, and etc. 
 This vacuum was real.  Momma Skeletal got it off QVC.  Mini!

And here's a good song by some pretty Brits.  xxxx

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