Mixed Prints & Unicorns & Studs & Skulls OH MY

Ahh, mid September. How nice is it to go out shopping for the afternoon all around Soho (after a long night of dancing in my JC Tardy's, no less) and not be dripping with sweat!?  The air is no longer so sticky, so our hair stays a bit neater- and more importantly we can shop -or just window shop- for hours without worrying about getting heatstroke.  Who ever said they wanted to sleep all through September? Oh wait... Greenday.

American Apparel button down, Miley Cyrus Max Azria shorts, Doc Marten boots, Forever 21 belts, collar from St. Marks, assorted jewelry from street vendors/Forever 21/DIY

And here are my besties. We all have big glasses. 

ANNND here's my latest cover of The Pretty Reckless' ZOMBIE! xxxx

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