Strength and Courage and a Wonder Bra

Yesterday I shaved part of my head and then went to a Spice Girls party.  Talk about girl power.  The party was at (my best-friend-since-we-were-babies) Deena's beautiful apartment on the water, where we watched the masterpiece that is "Spice World" and tried to contain ourselves from singing along to every single song --- it didn't work out too well.  

 Here's me getting my head shaved... (Platinum Salon in Chelsea... love it!)

And here's me loving it right after.

 Then, I rushed home to get Spiced out, and I was so glad pigtails still worked with my undercut! Yay!

Deena and I - peace, girl power, etc
 We were lacking a Scary Spice.
 My limited edition Top Shop leggings were PERFECT for my outfit for this event.  (Plus my forever 21 mini dress and volatile platform sneakers- so 90's)

If you say you don't love this... you're lying. xxxx

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