Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Yesterday my sister, brother in law, and I did some wandering.  We had a destination (St. Marks piercing place to get Alissa a nose hoop) but it was nice out and we were in no hurry.  So we walked many many streets and avenues downtown and found some cool things and places along the way!  I want Roon to take pictures of me for my blog all day long- how sick are these!?

 And here's the man behind the camera..... photo editing on his phone. 

 Jawbreaking Wanderer tee-turned-muscle tank, Material Girl High Waist shorts, Basic Thigh Highs, Doc Marten boots, and street vendor jewelry
(Alissa is wearing H&M leather jacket & Black Milk leggings.  Roon is wearing an ASOS shirt)

 And here's my latest cover... Give Your Heart A Break!!!! xxxx

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