Hand Me Downs

I remember when we were all little and my friends would complain about getting their older sisters' hand-me-downs. Me? I would long for the day when my sister would drop off a big bag of unwanteds in my bedroom. That's how I had such bad ass clothes (bras, tube tops, sequined mini skirts) when I was 9. See below.

 Ten years later, I still look forward to getting Alissa's hand-me-downs. Today I'm wearing some that she gave me last week. Thanks Aliss!

Thrifted sweater, Alissa's leggings, Alissa's converse, street vendor bracelet, Forever 21 ring. 
 PS I got a bit carried away with my new photo editing app. #sorrynotsorry 

And here's my latest ukulele cover of One Direction's "Little Things." Enjoy! Xxxx

PPS... is anyone else hoping this "Taylor Swift is dating Harry Styles" rumour is false?!

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  1. Love your blog! And all your outfits:D Thanks to your blog I found Blackmilk, and have made my wishlist for christmas, wich is filled with a lot of BlackmilkClotes. - XoXo Norwegian Reader;)