What's Cuter Than a Unicorn Sweater?

Two things I really love are vintage clothing and unicorns...obviously.  This sweater was a gift from my sister and brother in law last Christmas from Lotus Vintage.  I wore it a little differently than I usually do, today, with a collared shirt underneath!  I think all the Gossip Girl I've been watching has been rubbing off on me.  (I'm rewatching season 2...and how cute are the Constance uniforms!  Also, CAN WE BELIEVE THAT THE WHOLE SHOW IS GONNA BE OVER FOREVER NEXT WEEK?)

American Apparel Collared Shirt, Vintage Sweater, Fragile Jeans, Nike Sky-Highs, Jac Vanek Ring

Here's a song with 'unicorn' in the title by Lady Gaga.  Dance on! Finals are ALMOST OVER, college friends! xxxx

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