Kawaii Punk Hogwarts Student ft. Photobombers

So, on this blog, you guys usually only see the cute pictures of me that make the cut. But tonight, I'm gonna change that.  I've never experienced so many passerbys/silly unintentional photobombs as I did while photographing this look. I hope these make you laugh as hard as they made me laugh! 

 First: The normal ones.

Second: Brace yourselves.

Oh god.  Can't stop laughing.  I can't tell you what these wonderful New Yorkers/Tourists are wearing, but I can tell you when I am wearing.

Forever 21 dickie and 2 finger ring, Thrifted sweater and studded bracelet, Hot Topic shorts that are not even visible, Jeffrey Campbell platform sneakers, Nasty Gal Hashtag ring


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