Sunbathing in Garters

Yesterday I had time in between classes, so I decided to buy myself a latte and lay down on the side of a building to catch some rays.  Why not, right?  If you close your eyes and tune out the girls walking by talking about their dreaded final projects and focus on the sun hitting you, the sound of cars in the distance almost sounds like waves, and you can totally pretend you're at the beach. Except... a lounge chair would be more comfortable than the cement.
Forenza sheer flannel,  H&M tee, Levi's shorts, Creepy Little Girl garter, H&M socks, Converse sneakers, Marc Jacobs necklace, Starbucks latte

The question of the day is, will the Starbucks workers EVER learn how to spell my name, or at this point, are they just screwing around with me?

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