Just because I'm wearing fishnets and leather...

I put on this outfit after work to go out to dinner with my friends on St Marks. On my way there, I was grabbed my a (probably) college aged man. He asked me where the nearest Starbucks was. It was across the street, so I pointed. Then he asked if I wanted to go with him. When I said no, explaining I was going to meet friends and turned to leave, he grabbed my hand and begged me to stay. He told me he doesn't care if I am dating anyone, because he is dating someone too. He just "wanted to spend time together" After I tried to walk away again and politely denied giving him my number, he started giving me an attitude. He told me I was lying to him about going to meet up with friends. So, if I'm wearing fishnets and leather, does that give men the right to grab me and not leave me alone on the street? It shouldn't.  #creep

Mada Monster choker, Feather Hearts tee, Joyce Leslie shorts, unknown fishnets, Doc Marten boots, Jac Vanek ring


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