I suppose it's horrible to think this way, but we all do it. We think of the things we don't like about ourselves-our insecurities- and then we label them as flaws. But, the reality is that these little things we don't like about ourselves aren't necessarily flaws.  However, my second biggest "flaw" in my eyes is my height.  I feel so much more confident when my true height is unknown and a nice pair of shoes adds a couple inches to my five-foot-four frame.  My problem is that I do a lot of walking all around the city, and wearing heels gets really uncomfortable, really fast.  When I spotted these boots in H&M and tried them on, it was like a dream come true.  They had everything I wanted.  They're cute, black, reasonably priced, and most importantly, COMFORTABLE & EASY TO WALK IN! Praise the shoe gods.  

Apparently, we're supposed to embrace our flaws, but I think that it's also okay to try to "fix" them a little bit with some cute shoes.  

H&M Jacket, Boots, and Leggings, Forever 21 shirt and tote 


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