Woman Crush Wednesday: Maddi

At fashion school, it's basically everyone's dream to intern at an awesome publication and then eventually work his/her way up the ladder to the top over the course of several years.   Madeline Dawson did this in less than one year.  Last spring, she started out as a fashion intern at Inked Magazine.  Today, she's the fashion editor there. It's a pretty amazing, and very rare occurrence, but Maddi definitely fits the part of fashion editor and stylist at Inked.  The coolest part?  Now she's got her own interns.  (Hey Maddi, I wouldn't mind being your intern!)  Plus, working at Inked, she's gotta have an enviable, ever-growing collection of tattoos.  I swear, every time I see her, she's got a new one.

Don't be fooled by the fashion editor title, though; Maddi's no Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada.  She is super sweet and silly (Examples: proudly being Miley Cyrus' twin, gifting me a puppy tee for no reason, and giving up her red carpet passes for the VMA's to her two younger sisters).  Yup, definitely WCW worthy.  

I asked Maddi some questions.  Here are her answers.

My woman crush(es) is/are:
Besides you?? Miley Cyrus... not only are we hair twins but I feel like she is also my spirit animal. She doesn't care what anyone thinks and just does what makes her happy... which is how I try to live my life! I also am kind of in love with @saraontheinternet (on instagram). She is completely stunning and has amazing tattoos.

My style icons are:

Oh god... my style icons would have to be Miss Miley again. And Agyness Deyn... her prime was in her short hair days. Gwen Stefani is a mega babe too!

My go-to shoes are:

My go to shoes usually depends on which ones I just bought... then I will wear them every day for like 2 weeks before I mix it up again. Right now it's my QOZMO black platforms... but a few weeks ago it was my little black chelsea boots from H&M.

My ultimate fall 2013 wish-list item is:
My wishlist never ends... but right now I really want a good WARM black leather jacket to replace my shitty one I've had for 3 years. And an Olive peacoat. I just checked one item off my list... some leather overalls! Yay!

My Favorite place to shop:
Mmmmm... Topshop and H&M and Urban Outfitters and Trash & Vaudeville!

I feel best when I am wearing:
I feel best when I am wearing a cute swingy skirt with a band tee tucked in and a leather jacket with thigh high socks and boots! I need more skirts...

A fun fact about me that makes me even more awesome is:

Um I don't know that I'm awesome... I really just like going home after work and drinking tea and listening to music and sassing my boyfriend. But I think a fun fact about me is that I have 14 tattoos and am planning my pieces for both of my grandmothers. I also don't eat white creamy food... like I'm scared of it.

If I could be anything in the world I would be a:
Miley Cyrus's mini buns.

Pick up an Inked to see some of her work and follow her on IG to drool over her daily outfits @fletcher_dawson


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