Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Review

As my friend Meg put it, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the ladies' equivalent of the super bowl. We watch it together while we stuff our faces with chips and guacamole... but we probably snuggle up a little closer to each other on the couch than the dudes do during the Super Bowl.  We drooled over the lingerie and the models' perfection (from their bodies to their hair), laughed at how awkward it was when Taylor Swift slapped Cara Delevigne's ass, and rocked out to Fall Out Boy's performance.  Pete Wentz in a skirt?  I'll take it. 

As for my favorite looks from the show:

1. I was obsessed with the harness and the huge, spooky looking wings on Alessandra Ambrosio.  These added an edge to an otherwise very simple and girly turquoise ensemble.

2. Joan Smalls' get up is the one that I would want most for myself.  The pink lace is perfectly accented with little bows.  I think that the two bows on the garter belt is the cutest touch.  The pale blue wings aren't too shabby either.

3.  Of course, smoke show Adriana Lima had this very sexy all red outfit.  Obsessed with the bra/bustier hybrid, garter belt, and long gloves combo.  Not to mention... these are her abs after having CHILDREN.  

4.  Cara Delevigne is one of my favorite models overall, and I loved her edgy bustier-top dress which left just enough to the imagination.  The mini wings were perfect on this British Bombshell.

5. Don't mind Taylor Swift's photobomb.  Karlie Kloss' body suit was incredibly beautiful, and very reminiscent  of Britney Spears' outfit in her Toxic music video.  She is definitely not my favorite model, but the way she rocked this look earned her some points in my book!

And for fun, here's a throwback picture to one of the coolest moments of my life.  I got to go on a field  trip to the costume studio that used to make everything for the show and I tried on the actual wings that Naomi Campbell wore one year!  They were super heavy... and thats probably the closest I'll ever get to being an angel!


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