Woman Crush Wednesday: Miranda

You might recognize this week's WCW, because I've mentioned her on the blog a few times before!  I met Miranda at my first college, and soon after, I became obsessed with her and her style.  Miranda is a French girl who grew up in Paris who left her home country to find a new home in New York, where we both were studying fashion design.  I had so much fun in the classes we had together (making weird faces at each other and trying not to laugh during sketching class, for example).  I transferred after one semester, but Miranda is still at school studying fashion design and making some amazing pieces while running her blog, www.letsgetflashy.com.  The blog is written in both English & French and features beautifully taken photographs. 

Miranda probably has the coolest style out of all the people I know.  Her style is a daring mix of tomboy and glamour.  She mixes fur coats and chunky gold chains with menswear pieces and thrifted pieces.  This girl has a serious gift for finding the best stuff at thrift shops (Beacon's Closet is her fave).  Her unique style provides tons of inspiration.  Even if you don't want to be as bold as Miranda, you can definitely still draw ideas from her outfits... Or you can just sit back and watch this fearless girl WORK IT.  

I asked Miranda some questions.  Here are her answers.

My woman crush(es) is/are: M.I.A, Grimes, Gwen Stefani and Azealia Banks 

My style icon(s) is/are: Luanna from the blog le-happy.com (I met her !), Dominic from griztriz.blogspot.com, Katia from heydickface.com. 

My go-to shoes are: My Aggy 1490 Dr Martens

My ultimate winter wish-list item is: A skin tone colored moto jacket from Sandro

My Favorite place to shop: Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg and Nasty Gal.

I feel best when I am wearing: My drop crotch pants, military boots and a bomber jacket ! I love feeling androgynous and tom boyish!

A fun fact about me that makes me even more awesome is: I love dumpster diving and I'm proud to say it

If I could be anything in the world I would be: In a disney movie because I wanna be a kid forever

Photos straight from www.letsgetflashy.com

Be sure to check out Miranda's blog and follow her on Instagram @letsgetflashy 


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