Baby Put On Heart Shaped Sunglasses

I had a job interview the other day, and one of the questions was "What is you favorite thing about fashion?"  I gave a couple different answers, because I kept thinking of more things that I love about fashion and was changing my mind.  Then, my final answer hit me.   I love how fashion can make you feel.  Certain pieces make you feel certain ways - they can transform you into somebody else, or a better version of yourself.  

When I put on my heart shaped sunglasses, I feel way more chic than I actually am.  And when I put on my Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Platforms, I feel like I can stomp around like a queen and conquer the world.  Fashion can bring confidence and comfort.  Fashion can make people stare in the best way possible.  

Fashion can also make people want to come up and take pictures with you.

Photos by Ashley Naftaly 

Black Milk suspender leggings
Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Platform Heels
Street vendor sunglasses - similar here


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