Ramones & White Pants

Fashion means taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone. As we all know, I feel most comfortable wearing predominantly dark ensembles. But, when my roommate asked me if I wanted these white pants that she didn't want anymore, I decided to say yes and take them on as a challenge. Since it technically is spring, I figured it's time to bring some light into my wardrobe.

So, how did I style the white pants? With everything else black, of course. Also, I love how the white graphic on my tee ties the top and bottom together.

My readers, I dare you to take a fashion challenge! Wear something out of your comfort zone, but wear it with some of your usual other pieces so you don't feel too out of it! You might just love the result.

H&M leather jacket - similar here
Ramones band tee
Aeropostale jeans 
Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Platform Heels
Spiked Collar - similar here
Forever 21 massive stud ring - similar here
Nasty Gal # ring - similar here
H&M midi ring - similar here


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