Suspenders Save The Day

You know when you wear your favorite jeans so much that they stretch out beyond repair, and even the dryer won't make them get back to normal size?  They slide down when you walk, which is annoying unless you want the world to see your undies.  I'm not a huge fan of belts, especially when I'm going to be sitting at a desk in school all day because they tend to dig into my belly.  Suspenders are the perfect alternative if you're in the same boat.  They are a cute, unique choice.  If your suspenders are pink and by Marc Jacobs like mine are, all the better!  I like wearing them under a leather jacket, too.  This way,  they're kind of hidden, but if you take the jacket off or the jacket moves a bit, you surprise the world with the awesomeness that is your suspenders.

H&M leather jacket (similar here)
Forever 21 tee
H&M jeans (similar here)
H&M shoes (similar here)
Marc Jacobs suspenders (similar here)
Jac Vanek ring (similar here)
Jawbreaking beanie 


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