Ugh, As If.

I have a totally embarrassing confession.  I only just watched the 1995 cinematic masterpiece that is Clueless for the first time last week.  Are you bugging' right now?  I know.  It took me long enough.  Now that I've seen it, I'm obsessed.  I'm all about 90's fashion, so watching the movie I was drooling over the costumes.  Cher Horowitz is a total babe with the coolest outfits.  Particularly noteworthy are her plaid ensembles and tall socks.  TO DIE FOR.  So, when I wore this dress, I was feeling like Cher, but less cool because who is actually as trendy as Cher?  No one.  

Clueless is on Netflix and if you're like me and it took you 18 years past the release date to watch it-go watch it now.  Then tell me how much you love it.

Zara Kids dress - similar here
Thigh Highs - similar here
Dr Marten combat boots - similar here
H&M beanie - similar here
Thrifted bracelet - similar here
Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace - similar here


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