After years of waiting, I have finally got to experience Miley Cyrus love in concert (excluding the VMAs). I've loved her since the Hannah Montana days, and I love her even more now. I was lucky enough to go to her show at Barclays Center. The show was incredible. She entered the stage by sliding down a giant tongue. So- you can imagine how the whole show went. She sang a long set - including an acoustic set at a separate smaller stage that consisted of Lana Del Rey and Bob Dylan covers. There was no shortage of twerking, as expected. The dancers were all amazing, and my friend Meg and I watched them shake their bums in ways we didn't even know possible. Let's just say, when I try to twerk, it ain't pretty. Mad props to Miley for having a "the show must go on" attitude after her dog Floyd died. She gave some emotional speeches about losing Floyd and how sad she has been, but she still put on an incredible show and sang her heart out. Not to mention, every costume was AMAZING. Miley was decked out in body suits, floor length gowns, and Chanel. Drool worthy? YES. 

 Anyway, for the occasion I decided to go all out and dress in a Miley inspired look, mini buns and all. I knew I had done a good job when a reporter from New York Magazine asked to take my picture for a story! Thank you Miley for empowering me to wear my hair in buns... and wear shorts that let my buns hang out.

Photos by Roon

Forever 21 chains - similar here
Joyce Leslie crop top - similar here
H&M leather shorts - similar here
Unknown thigh highs - similar here


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