Cooler on the Internet

Jawbreaking tends to make shirts that describe my life. (Remember the boy bands ruined my life top?)
Now, we have the "I'm Cooler on the Internet" which describes me - and I'm sure it describes lots of you.  It's so easy to look cool or glamorous online.  Why?  Only the prettiest, most flattering photos make it onto blogs, Instagram, Twitter, and etc.  The double-chin, eyes closed outtakes get deleted right away... or sent to only our closest, most trustworthy friends.  We post pictures of us at "cool" clubs or places, but we don't post pics of us sweaty and gross fed up after a long day waiting for a subway, or when we are sitting alone in the school cafeteria.  

THIS is why it's so easy to look much cooler on the Internet.  Am I complaining?  Not one bit ;)

Photos by Roon 

Jawbreaking muscle tank
Brandy Melville Chiyo bralette
Urban Outfitters BDG shorts - similar here
Thigh Highs - similar here 
Nike Sky Hi Dunks 
Nasty Gal # ring - similar here
H&M bracelet - similar here
Sic Transit Gloriaa Tattoo Choker 



  1. Absolutely in LOVE with all of these pictures. xx

  2. SO GOOD. may be your best post ever.

  3. So true!! We are all cooler on the internet! Or at least most of us are. haha..Love the photos!!