One struggle for me this summer and last summer has been dressing for work. Both this summer and last summer, I interned/am interning at the Victoria's Secret corporate HQ. So with a business casual dress code, how does a crazy dresser such as myself dress for work? Obviously, my mesh dresses and crop tops and massive UNIF platforms are not office appropriate.

In my opinion, it's important to maintain your personal style, even when you're dressing for a more professional setting. For me, it's important to keep a little bit of edginess in my looks, because that's just who I am.  If you're dressed in something that is TOTALLY not you, you won't feel right. You will feel self conscious and then you won't work to the best of your ability.  So, here are some tips for dressing for a corporate world when you're a little more on the edgy side.

1- Leather skirts are okay if they're on the longer side. Leather is awesome to add edge to an outfit, and is much more fitting for me than a typical pencil skirt or something of that nature. This leather circle skirt my friend Kaitlin gave me is my new staple!
2- Plain white tee shirts are okay to wear as long as it's not your wrinkly Hanes classic. Try a white tee that's made from a little bit nicer material and/or has a bit of a drape to it.
3- Statement necklaces go a long way. My simple black and white outfit is taken to the next level with my chunky gold/leather chain - which is perfect to wear with any plain top!
4- A relatively big bag to carry your stuff in is CRUCIAL especially if you're commuting on a subway or bus. You want one that goes with your personal style and that can hold your commuter essentials and a packed lunch if you're money savvy like that.
5- Wear comfortable shoes. Even if you're working at a desk, you never know what tasks are gonna pop up throughout the day that could require to you to be on your feet for hours. Don't forget about running back and forth to meets as well!
6-  Fun sunglasses are nice to wear to and from work. Obviously, I'm not sitting at my desk in heart shaped sunglasses. However, they are perfect to wear in the subway on the morning to avert eye contact at 8 in the morning (aka too early).

Photos by It's Miss Alissa

H&M tee - similar here

Stefanel Leather skirt - similar here
Steve Madden booties- similar here
Street vendor Heart shaped sunglasses - similar here
H&M pocketbook - similar here
Forever 21 gold chains


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