Epiphanies, Baggy Clothes, & Donuts

One thing I'm trying to learn in life is that I HAVE TO STOP COMPARING MY LIFE TO LIVES OF OTHERS.  My wonderful friend Gaby has been giving me all sorts of super advice, saying that my life is my own.  My journey is my own.  Comparing myself to others will just bring on jealousy and unhappiness.  

So where does that tie into this post?  Well, yesterday I was feeling down because so many of my friends were out doing amazing things.  Two of my great friends are living in London for a month, and last night they saw One Direction perform at Wembley Stadium.  Some other friends were at Gov Ball, enjoying the sun and the sounds of Bastille, The 1975, and etc.  What was I doing?  Playing sad songs on my guitar alone in my room.

I realized that before I spiraled downward into a deep green hole of envy, I had to do something for myself to enjoy the day in my own way.  It was National Donut Day, and I have an amazing sister who is also my best friend who lives just a couple blocks away from me.  I got a chocolate frosted donut from Dunkin and then met up with my sister… and then everything felt a little better.  

 Photos by It's Miss Alissa

The 1975 band tee - similar here
Forever 21 strappy heels - similar here
Vintage Typewriter Key Necklace - similar here
Marc by Marc Jacobs skull necklace- similar here
Zenni Optical Sunglasses 


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