Rugrats Crop Top

90s kids - do you ever flip through the channels and pause on Nick or Disney and think about how inferior the shows on TV now are to what we used to have?! I have to admit, I haven't watched a modern day Nickelodeon or Disney cartoon in full, but I can guarantee that none of them are better than what we had- As Told By Ginger, Proud Family, Catdog, and RUGRATS. I have watched a couple episodes of some of the new Disney series, feeling guilty and pathetic, wishing I was watching Lizzie McGuire. NOTHING will ever top that. 

Luckily for us, the 90's are more "in" today than they were in the 90's. Many thanks to Claire's for selling the chokers I used to wear when I was 8 (that I should have never thrown out) and to O-Mighty for selling crop tops adorned with the best cartoon characters. 

 Photos by It's Miss Alissa 

 O-Mighty Rugrats Crop Top - similar here
Dolce Vita Booties - similar here
Claire's Tattoo Choker 


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  1. oh pls I love your crop top

    pd. you've got really nice body <3