Ripped Jeans & Christian Benner Band Tees

There's something so special about vintage pieces.  They have stories and they have history.  Oftentimes, you will be the only person you know that has a specific piece, unlike that tee you have from Forever 21 that everyone and their mother has. 

Then, what about customized vintage?  Christian Benner is a designer who breathes new life into garments from band tees to leather jackets.  His fans range from Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer to rock goddess Taylor Momsen, to the Mother Monster, Lady Gaga herself.  He breathes new life into clothing, completely reinventing them with true artistic talent (And bravery...sometimes he sets shirts on fire to obtain the desired end-product.  See his Instagram @christianbenner for proof if you don't believe me).  His carefully destroyed tees are absolutely one of a kind.  You are the only one with this custom piece.  There you have it: an old shirt made new, ready for a new history to be created through wearing it this time around.

Photos by Ashley Naftaly

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