Bathing Suits in October?

One of my favorite parts of summer is getting to wear swimsuits. They are definitely up there on the list of my favorite articles of clothing - if you consider them clothing. Luckily, this October in New York City, we are having some relatively warm days and I don't have to bundle up and hibernate just yet. I decided to break out a one piece swimsuit from PINK and style it as if it was a regular top. 

Steal the look by pairing your favorite one piece with boyfriend jeans, beanie, and a light jacket for the perfect transitional outfit - because summer doesn't have to end just yet! 

Victoria's Secret PINK Zip Up One Piece Swimsuit - similar here 
Thrifted Flannel - similar here 
Vibrant Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans - similar here 
Black Beanie - similar here
Claire's Rainbow Beads Tattoo Choker - similar here

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