Something In The Way

Underneath the bridge 
The tarp has sprung a leak 
And the animals I've trapped 
Have all become my pets 
And I'm living off of grass 
And the drippings from the ceiling 
It's okay to eat fish 
'Cause they don't have any feelings 

I'm a bit of a music nerd. It started when I took a course called History of American Music at FIT. Though it was not a fashion class, it was honestly probably my favorite class I took in college. It was so interesting to me to learn facts about musicians: their backgrounds, how a particular song was recorded, or what stage in their life they were at when they wrote a particular melody. I studied these things for the class, and I was so into it that I aced every exam, scoring above 100. 

The interest continued after the class, though, as I began to read biographies and interviews of musicians that I listened to. I became so fascinated with Kurt Cobain, in particular (surprise, surprise). Some of the coolest facts that really stuck out to me that I learned were about the Nirvana song, "Something In The Way." This song is from the band's second album, and it's definitely not as well known as other songs from the album. The melody is super simple, and there are only two verses which have the same exact lyrics. The chorus is one sentence, repeated. Though the song is so simple, when you listen, you can hear and feel the emotion. The lyrics are about a time when Kurt was homeless and lived under a bridge, though many argue he never truly did live under this bridge. Regardless, there's no doubt he felt the pain and loneliness that is expressed through these lyrics though out his lifetime.When he recorded this song, Kurt was on a couch lying on his back, singing so quietly that he was practically whispering. Everyone had to be dead silent so they could pick up the sound. 

When I was shooting this look with Roon throughout the Financial District, we were walking down a bike trail. We ended up underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. I couldn't help but think of this song.

Photos by Roon

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