90s Alien Girl Power

A lot of my outfits are inspired by style icons that I look up to - style and otherwise. This look was inspired by 90s Gwen Stefani during her No Doubt days and the Spice Girls. Both Gwen and the Spice Girls were huge on...well...girl power. First off, Gwen was bloody revolutionary with her fashion choices. She was a bad ass lead singer of an otherwise all male band, and she was not afraid to call men out on having standards and expectations for us women. "Just a Girlis not only an awesome song, but if you read into it, it seriously addresses feminist issues. She sings about what girls can't or shouldn't do in mens' opinions. Sound familiar? If you're a girl, you probably hear remarks that fall under those categories everyday. 

I've never been one to go on feminist rants, but lately here in New York City I have experienced way too much sexism and objectification to not speak out about feminism. The double standards and stereotyping that we experience should not be happening in 2015. We women take A LOT of shit on a daily basis. We are stronger than men think, and we should have equal rights and opportunities. As Scary Spice says during the photoshoot scene in the cinematic masterpiece that is Spice World, "Girl Power. Feminism. Do you know what I mean?" 

Anyway, if guys can wear low pants with their underwear showing, girls should be able to, also. Also, I'm wearing my tattoo choker as an arm band because SPORTY SPICE. 

Photos by It's Miss Alissa

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