Mermaid in NYC

For work yesterday, we were encouraged to wear Halloween costumes (within reason). This was the PERFECT opportunity to break out my mermaid pants from Hip Wa Zee where my girl Gaby works. She sent me these glorious fins as a part of my birthday care package, and I was so excited to finally wear them!!!! To keep the look daytime appropriate - I wore a Brandy Melville tank instead of shells to cover up. Ariel would totally wear Brandy as a modern day mermaid-turned-human. 

Anyway, here's a look into my day as a mermaid roaming the downtown streets of SoHo, where many passerby's stopped to say, "Yo, Ariel!"

Photos by It's Miss Alissa

Brandy Melville Tank - Similar Here
Hip Wa Zee Mermaid Pants - Similar Here 
Converse Chuck Taylors 


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